🌐Web & News Search

Paxton's Web & News search feature is a powerful tool designed to enhance your legal research with the breadth of the internet's resources.

  1. Select 'Web & News Search' in the Sidebar Menu: Locate and click on the 'Web & News' option to initiate your legal research journey.

  2. Initiate a New Chat or Continue a Previous One: Click 'New Chat' to start fresh or select an existing chat from the Chat History List to continue your research.

  3. Select to Search Web, News or point Paxton to search a specific website

  1. Enter Your Query: Input your query into the chat interface. Be as detailed and specific as possible to guide Paxton in finding the most relevant information.

  2. Interactive Chat: Engage in a dynamic chat with Paxton, asking follow-up questions as needed. Paxton may also ask clarifying questions to refine the search further.

  3. Review Results: Examine the results provided by Paxton. If they don’t fully meet your needs, refine your query with different prompts, adding more specific details and jurisdictions for improved accuracy.

Tips for Success

  • Draft with AI Chat: Take your research results and draft legal documents with our AI Chat

  • Be Specific with Your Queries: Precision is crucial in legal research. Detail the legal issues, relevant jurisdictions, and specific terms related to your case for targeted results.

  • Open Paxton in Multiple Tabs: You can open Paxton in several tabs within your browser. To do this, simply navigate to Paxton's main page and open it in new tabs. Each tab operates independently, allowing you to run different tasks or queries simultaneously.

  • Critically Evaluate AI-Generated Results: While Paxton delivers extensive legal information, always critically assess the outcomes. Paxton supports this by highlighting and citing authoritative sources, aiding in the credibility and relevance evaluation of the information.

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