🏛️Laws & Regulations

Paxton is equipped with a vast repository of legal content covering all 50 states and federal laws, rules, and regulations, ensuring you have access to the most comprehensive legal information available.

Getting Started with Paxton's Laws & Regulations Tool

  1. Navigate to Laws & Regulations: Look for the "Laws & Regulations" on the Side Menu. This will open the specific search interface for legal statutes and regulations.

  2. Select Jurisdiction: Choose whether you're looking for federal or state-specific laws. If state-specific, ensure you select the appropriate state from the dropdown menu.

  3. Create your Query or continue with an old conversation.

  4. Continue to chat with follow-up questions by you or Paxton.

  5. Review Results: If Paxton's results don't meet your expectations, try refining your query with different prompts. Including specific details and jurisdictions will help Paxton generate a more accurate response.

Tips for Success

  • Take your Research results and draft legal documents with our AI Chat

  • Be Specific with Your Queries: When using an AI system for legal research, clarity and specificity are key. Clearly define the legal issues, relevant jurisdictions, and any specific terms or phrases related to your case. The more detailed your query, the more relevant and precise the AI's response will be.

  • Open Paxton in Multiple Tabs: You can open Paxton in several tabs within your browser. To do this, simply navigate to Paxton's main page and open it in new tabs. Each tab operates independently, allowing you to run different tasks or queries simultaneously.

  • Critically Evaluate AI-Generated Results: Although AI systems like Paxton deliver comprehensive legal information, it's essential to critically examine the outcomes. Paxton aids this process by citing and highlighting authoritative sources, making it easier to evaluate the credibility and relevance of the information.

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