🔎Paxton AI Citator

Getting Started with the Paxton AI Citator

  1. Select 'Case Law' in the Side Bar Menu.

  2. Click 'New Chat' or engage in a previous chat in the Chat History List

  3. Select Jurisdictions: You may select all or individual jurisdictions to narrow down your search results. Focused selections help Paxton return results around the most relevant cases.

  4. Enter your Query

  5. Review Results to see which cases are most important to your Query.

  6. Select 'cited references' to review the cases cited within Paxton's response

  1. Click 'Analyze Case' to run the AI Citator for the case you are interested in.

  2. Navigate to the Paxton AI Citator in the viewer that appears to the right of the response.

Depending on the complexity of the case and available bandwidth, the Paxton AI Citator will either return results immediately or will send you an email when the result is processed.

When the results are immediately available:

  1. Review Case Status. Paxton will tell you if the case is likely good law or requires caution.

  2. Review the analysis. Paxton will provide an explanation for the case status.

If the results are not immediately available, Paxton will notify you that the analysis is in progress.

  1. Once the analysis has been completed, Paxton will send you an email with a link to open the Citator's analysis

  1. Click on the link in your email to open a new tab with your case analysis.

Tips for Success

  • Critically Evaluate AI-Generated Results: Although AI systems like Paxton deliver comprehensive legal information, it's essential to critically examine the outcomes. Paxton says whether a case is likely good law or whether to proceed with caution and will also will explain its analysis so users can investigate independently.

  • Open Paxton in Multiple Tabs: You can open Paxton in several tabs within your browser. To do this, simply navigate to Paxton's main page and open it in new tabs. Each tab operates independently, allowing you to run different tasks or queries simultaneously.

  • Check Your Spam Folder: On occasion, the Paxton AI Citator will take some time to run. Users can continue researching and will be alerted by email when the analysis is complete. Check your inbox and your spam folder for an email from hello@paxton.ai

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