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Paxton's Contract Search feature is designed to enhance your legal workflow by providing instant access to a wide range of contract templates. With this tool, finding the right template for any legal situation becomes effortless and efficient, ensuring you have a strong starting point for any agreement.

Getting Started with Paxton's Contract Search Tool

  1. Navigate to Contract Search: Select the "Contract Search" option from the Side Menu to access the intuitive search interface dedicated to finding contract templates.

  2. Specify Your Search Criteria: Input specific keywords, contract types, or legal phrases related to the template you need. Whether you're looking for a specific clause or a general contract type, Paxton helps narrow down your options.

  3. Explore AI-Driven Suggestions: Paxton's AI analyzes your criteria and presents a selection of relevant contract templates. This process not only saves time but also introduces you to templates that best match your legal requirements.

  4. Select and Customize Your Template: Choose the most suitable template from the search results. With Paxton, you can then customize the selected template to fit your specific needs, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your legal scenario.

  5. Review and Refine Your Selection: If your initial search doesn't yield the desired template, refine your search criteria with additional details or alternative keywords. Paxton's AI is designed to adapt and improve its suggestions based on your feedback and requirements.


Paxton's Contract Search tool is currently in beta. We're working by incorporating user feedback to refine and enhance its capabilities for an even more streamlined contract template search experience.

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