📄Contract Analysis

Paxton's Contract Analysis tool revolutionizes the way you manage and understand contracts, equipped with advanced AI capabilities tailored for precise analysis. This tool simplifies the contract review process, ensuring you're equipped with insights for smarter, faster decisions.

Getting Started with Paxton's Contract Analysis Tool

  1. Navigate to Contract Analysis: Locate the "Contract Analysis" option on the Side Menu to access the dedicated interface for deep contract review.

  2. Upload or Select Your Contract: Whether starting a new analysis or continuing with previous work, upload the document you wish to analyze or select from already uploaded contracts.

  3. Specify Analysis Parameters: Tailor your analysis by specifying certain parameters or areas of focus, such as clause identification or risk assessment, to align with your specific needs.

  4. Engage with AI-Powered Insights: Feel free to ask follow-up questions for deeper understanding.

  5. Review Results: Examine the comprehensive analysis provided by Paxton. Should the initial insights not fully meet your needs, adjust your parameters or ask further questions to refine the results. Paxton's adaptive AI ensures you receive the most relevant and precise contract insights.

With Paxton, navigating the complexities of contract analysis becomes a streamlined, efficient process, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions backed by the power of AI.


Paxton's Contract analysis tool is currently in beta. We're working by incorporating user feedback to refine and enhance its capabilities for an even more streamlined contract template search experience.

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