💬Using AI Chat & Drafting

Paxton's AI Chat Drafting is a versatile generative tool designed to cater to a wide array of legal needs, making it easier than ever to harness the power of AI for your tasks. The AI is trained on legal document prose and structure, making it a great tool for drafting legal documents. If you're unsure how to start your query, simply ask our AI chat tool to generate a suitable query for you using your details. Let the AI handle the prompting for you!

Getting Started with AI Chat & Drafting

  1. Navigate to AI Chat & Drafting: Look for the "AI Chat & Drafting" on the Side Menu.

  2. Create your Query or continue with an old conversation.

  3. Continue to chat with follow-up questions by you or Paxton. We encourage experimentation with Paxton by asking it to draft, summarize, create, add or remove clauses, and identify key elements in your documents.

  4. Review Results: If Paxton's results don't meet your expectations, try refining your query with different prompts. Including specific details will help Paxton generate a more accurate response.

  5. Configure Additional Document Settings If drafting a document, add details to supplement Paxton in the type of document you're drafting.

Use Cases

  • Draft Complex Legal Documents

  • Act as a Thought Partner for Strategy Development

  • Simplify Complex Legal Information

  • Generate Marketing Material

  • Discover multiple use cases by trying diverse prompts

Tips for Success

  • Use our File Analysis Feature to extract key information from your files and copy them to the Document Settings fields when drafting.

  • AI Chat is built for legal document prose and structure: The tool is not connected to our Research Database, and does not have Laws & Regulations, Case Law, and the Web.

  • Open Paxton in Multiple Tabs: You can open Paxton in several tabs within your browser. To do this, simply navigate to Paxton's main page and open it in new tabs. Each tab operates independently, allowing you to run different tasks or queries simultaneously.

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